Owning a home is a privilege and a joy that keeps you busy from the moment you sign the ownership papers. Part of the freedom you have when you own your own home is that you get to decide how and when every home improvement project takes place. With these decisions comes the choice to do it yourself or hire a professional. Use this short guide to learn about how you can educate yourself to find out which projects are realistic for the average home owner and which ones you shouldn’t leave to chance.

Do it yourself

Get To Know Your House

Whether you’ve just bought your house recently or you’ve owned it for decades, it’s never too late to get to know every way that the parts work. Go through each room and study the pieces.

  • Where are the pipes and electrical sockets located?
  • Where are the beams in the walls?
  • Are there weak spots in corners? Ceilings? Other areas?
  • Has any furniture damaged the floors?
  • Do you have hardwood floors or carpet and have they been maintained?
  • What kind of siding is on the house? How old is it?
  • What system powers the electricity? The ventilation? The hot water heater?
  • What kind of paint is on the walls? On the outside of the house? Is it chipped?

This assessment will help you figure out what kinds of home improvement you want to do and where you may want to begin. Knowing your house also helps you learn what tools you’ll need to fix whatever needs fixing or improving.

Here is some great ideas to get you started

Make a List

Now you probably have a long list of things you want to do with your home that seems a bit daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Make a definitive list of things you know you can do now and long term home improvement projects. The projects on your short-term list should be things you know you can do for which you already have the tools to complete. This lets you have a starting point and from there you can get going! Pick a project from your short term list and when you’re done with it, you’ll have the pride of doing things for your home and you’ll want to keep moving through the rest of the projects.

Budgeting for Your Projects

Some of your larger or more long-term projects may seem impossible to fund but you can do it if you budget intelligently. Get quotes on all the things you thought you could never afford to do and compare with other companies to find the best price. Ask if the company you need has any financing options so that you might get your project done sooner. If not, then create your own financing plan by saving a little bit at a time towards a goal you believe you can realistically meet.

Share Your Success

There are plenty of home improvement blogs and advice on the internet and just as you can benefit from the experiences of others, they can benefit from your success as well. Share on social media, with your friends, and use pictures and videos to illustrate the good times you have on your home improvement adventures.