3 Key Steps to Take before Renting Storage Space For Renovations

Most homeowners striving to turn their properties into more comfortable, soothing and appealing environments are faced with a big challenge: insufficient storage space. As spacious as it may be, a house or apartment undergoing radical changes is not exactly the best place to deposit valuable items. In this context, what should you do with furniture, artwork, clothing and appliances that may be in your way during an ample remodeling or renovating job?

Nicely renovated home

3 Steps to Take to Select the Ideal Offsite Storage Space

If you don’t want to see your prized possessions get covered in dirt and dust or get damaged by construction work, you should consider shipping your household contents to the nearest provider of self storage solutions. In case this idea appeals to you, here are three steps that you should follow to rent the best storage option that could turn your home renovation into a truly pleasant experience.

  1. Choose the Space Wisely.

    First of all, note that the Australian storage market offers you a myriad of options that you could research and compare before making a final call.

    From door-to-door containers that could be sent to your door to versatile units as big as a tennis court or as small as an apartment closet, all these spaces can be rented online, with a few clicks, and allow its clients to protect their personal effects from dust, debris, and even theft during a renovation project.

  2. Select a Unit also Based on Its Features.

    While many customers choose a storage solution solely based on its price-size ratio, it is highly recommended to choose a unit also based on the features that it encompasses. Security features are an extremely important selection criterion that should never be disregarded, especially when potential clients are looking for the best temporary home for extremely rare, expensive or unique personal belongings.

    From this perspective, storage units employing state-of-the-art onsite security strategies, such as the implementation of CCTV, the availability of fully alarmed storage rooms and the presence of security guards around the clock, are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to keep their contents out of harm’s way.

    Furthermore, special features guaranteeing a flawless storage experience for any category of belongings are also a big plus. For instance, climate control is a handy extra recommended especially for those who wish to deposit delicate belongings that could be damaged by variations in humidity and temperature.

  1. Keep an Eye out for Special Discounts, Complimentary Services and Other Perks.

    discount pricesNext, keep in mind that the storage sector is a very competitive area. In 2016, players operating in this industry have to think outside the box to stand out among their competition. This is why many storage companies offer their clients the opportunity to profit from significant discounts and complimentary services such as free pickup.

    Other providers highlight the fact that they offer 24-hour access to their storage solutions, and also mention the simple payment structure that they have implemented to make their clients’ lives a whole lot easier. Some of these companies also stock a great variety of packaging materials, including wardrobe boxes, file boxes, tape, padlocks and bubble wrap, to make packing easy and convenient.

    Considering that they offer so many benefits and carry more than reasonable price tags, offsite storage solutions should be seen as an invaluable aid for any family seeking to beautify an indoor or outdoor space through any kind of remodeling work or renovation.